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FireClay & High Alumin Bricks , Motars , Castables & Cements 
Wide range of Fire Clay & High Alumina Bricks range from 24% to 99% Al2O3
for general & special purpose. Application area based on Al2O3 % it can be used at Steel Ladle Back up, EAF Roof, Blast Furnace, Cement Rotary Kiln, Re- Heating Furnace , Aluminium Melting & Holding Furnace & so on.

Fire Clay & High Alumina Ceramic & Chemical Setting Mortars. Application laying
Alumina bricks . Fireclay & High Alumina Ramming & Plastic Masses . Application Lining Rotary Iron melting Furnace, Steel & aluminium Furnace & Lining channel type Induction furnace.

Burnt Magnesite Bricks : Range from 87 % to 98 % Mgo
Application Area : 
Mixer, LD Converter, Safety Lining of EAF, Glass Tank Regenerator. Chemical Industries & other applications.

Burnt Mag- Chrome & Chrome - Mag Bricks: Range from 35% to 63 % Mgo & 11% to 40% Cr2O3
Application Area : 
O.H Roof , VOD Ladle, Rotary Kiln , Back up Lining, Reheating Furnace Hearth.

Chemically Bonded Mag- Chrome & Chrome- Mag Bricks: Range from 35% to 63 % Mgo & 15% to 22% Cr2O3.
Application Area : 
Steel melting EAF,OHF

Direct Bonded Mag- Chrome & Chrome- Mag Bricks: Range from 45% to 72 % Mgo & 9 % to 28% Cr2O3.
Application Area : 
Copper Converter , Smelting Furnace, Glass and Zink application.

Magnesia Carbon Bricks : Range from 97 % Mgo & 5 % to 18% Fixed Carbon
Application Area : 
BOF,VAD,LRF,EAF slag lining, metal zone & hot spot

Mottars & Castable : Ceramic & Hydraulic setting range from 15% to 92 % Mgo & 15 % to 35% Cr2O3
Application Area : 
Laying wide range of Magnesit , Magnasite Chrome, Chrome Magnasite, DBMC & others.

Basic Raming , Patching and Coting Mass : Range from 65 % to 88 % Mgo and 8% Cr2O3.
Application Area : 
Patching mass for basic induction furnace,lining for high frequency induction furnace, mild , alloy , stainless & manganese steel melting furnace.

Silica Bricks : Range from SiO2 94 % to 98 % Application area Glass tank furnace crown, Glass Tank furnace ,Chemical Industries and other various application .

Silica Motars & Ramming mass : Range from SiO2 93 % to 98 %, Application area laying for Silica bricks & ramming mass for furnace lining.

Insulation refractory:
All type of insulation refractory for any insulation purpose for chemical industries, fertilizer factories , steel mills & glass industries.

Thermal Insulation : Bulk Fiber , Ceramic Blankets Block Modules, Veneering Modules Boards & Shapes & veneering cement Etc, These products are very low thermal conductivity, extremely low heat storage due to low density, very light weight. Temperature range 1260OC to 1425OC Application area Furnace, Kiln, Heaters, Hydrogen Reformer lining, Veneering for hot face lining.

Slide Plate of all types & shapes as per customers requirement, Nozzles , Well Block, Application area in slide gate system both for ingot & continuous casting 

Nozzle , Setting Blocks of all shapes , these are all zircon based, Application area Teeming steel in continuous & sequential casting.

Porous Plug, Seating Block Seating Block Sleeve . Application area Gas purging in Steel ladle VOD,LF, in porous plug.

Flow control monolithic , application area jointing plate, nozzle , Ramming mass for fixing well block.

Zirconia Brick for Glass tank furnace, Silicon Carbide Brick , for kiln cars in Ferro Alloy & in copper furnace. Zirconia ramming mass, patching mixes & Mortars .

Some of the other Products for buildings:
Standared Bricks : 
Suitable to use for walls of any type.
Facing Bricks: 
Can be use as facing Brick any where on the Building wall.
Clad : 
Can be used on the interior and exterior portion of building, at walls instead of cement sand and plaster.
L- Shape: 
Suitable for corners.
For use in gardens, Garage, Footpath, Parking area, Where corrosive 
materials are present.

Beside this we take orders from valued customer as per their present.

More over with many more premium qauality products are under developed. Thus continuous inprovement, teamwork, commitment & credibility are the SRL's guiding values.